Saturday, May 14, 2011

mother's & dad's days

Mother's Day was great this year. On Saturday my sweetheart surprised me by leaving little notes around the apartment that said sentimental things :) It seemed like with each one I would cry a little more...usually I'm not such a sap but I guess my emotions were already high that day. The last note was stuck onto my present- a grand and beautiful headboard! This was a project we had been gathering materials for but he secretly got the rest of them and built it for me. It looks white in the picture but its actually a light cream color to match our bedspread :)

I loved the end result! On the note, it said "May this gift remind you at the end of the day of all these things (and more) you add to my life and our children; which make you the great mother that you are." It makes more sense having read the previous notes....haha...but it was really sweet and I was blown away at his creativity :)

The next day Talmage got all dressed up his lil suit (a gift from his Mimi!) and he looked so adorable...I couldn't help but smile each time I saw him running down the hall in that get-up. The pants were a little loose in the rump haha...

At church all the women got pink roses. It was a good reminder that all women, mothers or not, can be great influences on those around them. I admire many gals in the ward for their nurturing qualities, genuine concern for others, and wholehearted devotion to the gospel. I only hope that I can exemplify that someday. To those women I say THANK YOU and never stop being you.

Tomorrow is Jonathan's birthday, but we celebrated a few days early. We ate out at T.G.I.F and I pretended that I left something in the car. When I came back I presented him with his birthday gift! He was like a little boy on Christmas morning :)

Hooray! A new hat and wading boots with interchangeable soles (he's wanted those boots for SO long). Happy birthday sweetie!

and these are just some fun pics of Talmage enjoying his bowlful of noodles :)

We just love him so much!!!


Andrew and Shae said...

I love your bedroom! You are such a creative woman. You should be an interior designer!

SBR said...

such a beautiful headboard! and so sweet and incredibly creative of Jonathan! I'm really impressed! sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend : )