Sunday, May 15, 2011

lions & tigers & bears, oh my!

Did you know there was a zoo in Idaho Falls? I didn't! At least not until a few weeks ago. I had googled local, fun attractions for kids and the Tautphas Zoo popped up. All the reviews said that it was such a great little zoo with a bunch of animals. So this weekend we took a visit with our good friends the Tataipus. They have a little boy named Kai about the same age as Talmage. It was a beautiful day and a grand time!

Here's Ashleigh and I with our boys and twin strollers :)

the two amigos watching flamingos...

pondering at "pelican pier"

I'm not really sure what this animal is...

three ducks in a row


its hard to see but he is looking through the cage of a lion and lioness! they are lounging in the background.
this monkey stared at Jonathan for a long time...

This was the last thing of the day and the COOLEST! an otter came right up to Talmage to say hello and they nearly touched noses through the glass. Luckily Jonathan was camera-ready :)


Layla said...

Totally blown away that Idaho Falls has a zoo.

Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Fun! We wanted to go last year but it had already closed for the season... BTW that animal was an Alpaca, related to the llama (and camels) my family shows llamas and alpacas tend to show in the same events :)

Andrew and Shae said...

I DID NOT know that IF had a zoo. Wow...the things that you find out. It looks like y'all had a good time. I love the last picture of Talmage and the sea otter!