Friday, May 6, 2011

summer beginnings

Rexburg's weather is...well, in one word...unpredictable!

Not even kidding, a few weeks ago this is how much we had to bundle up Talmage on our our daily walk to the mailbox.
and as we were walking back, there were tiny snow flurries falling all around us. Yeah, it would be safe to say I was near to blowing a gasket.

But then, all of a sudden, the sun came out and we've had GORGEOUS days. Finally an opportunity to use our new bike trailer :)
We're pretty sure he likes riding in it, even though he always pulls a really funny face as he's bumping along the road.

He especially loves to take Mr. Gruffles along...(yes, I caved in to the pillow is a long story but basically, when I tried to put him back on the shelf Talmage was NOT having it)

In other news, if anyone is wondering what is new with us, Jonathan works full-time with the Forest Service 8-5, Monday-Friday. He has the weekends off for now but in the next month his 2 days off will switch to the middle of the week. I am NOT looking forward to spending my Sundays alone, especially hauling little guy to church and handling him by myself through all 3 meetings. It is a challenge even now with both of us there. I usually have to stash a few dum-dums (and MANY other snacks) in my purse to keep Talmage happy. Even then he always wants to be on the move and play (or hit) the other kids. When Sacrament meeting starts its his naptime so we're lucky if we get to take the sacrament at all. Oh well, only 5 more months till I get to hand him over to Nursery! :D Don't get me wrong, I love church. And I really love dressing up Talmage in his cute little vests and bow-ties too...sometimes its just sooooo stressful. hahaha...

I also babysit a cute little 6 month old named Madeline twice a week. It used to be every day but her daddy found he was able to be home with her :) She is so so adorable and really gets along with Talmage. Once, Talmage had overslept his nap and so I put her in his crib and let her wake him up. When he saw her in there, he got really smiley and cute and handed her his stuffed giraffe. It was so stinkin cute :)

I think this summer will be loads of fun :)

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Layla said...

Aww Talmage has a girlfriend!