Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lindsey poo is twenty-two

When I was two, my parents made a cake for me that said "Lindsey poo is 2" and well let's just say that for my life thereafter I was OFTEN referred to as LINDSEY POO, (not a name I totally love) especially by my two older brothers.

The name has stuck with me and Jonathan even calls me "Lindsey poo" at times. So, this year, he insisted that I re-live that birthday scenario.

I guess I won't have to deal with that happening again for at least another 10 years :)

It was a great birthday overall. Simple, but great. I got to stay home with my favorite little boy and await the return of my favorite man :D He got me a new Camelbak water bottle (to take with me on all the summer adventures we will have of course!) He filled it with my favorite candy, plain m&ms.

and some very pretty flowers :)

And Talmage? well, he gave the greatest gift of all. He slept in :)

A while ago my mom got this fabulous purse and I was very jealous, so for my birthday she bought me one too in a different color, along with a new wallet! Now we are twinkies. I love it! Thanks ma!
I especially love the wrapped rosette in the middle :)
I thought I would have to swear off purses when I had a baby, but everything that fit in my diaper bag fits quite nicely in this bag! so, yeah, I get to put it to good use!

For dinner we had crawfish chowder (the last of our remaining stash from Louisiana. how sad!) and then cherry cheesecake for desert. I never liked cake, so my mom used to make this for my birthday every year. She knows me so well.
It wasn't as good as mama's, but it did the job :)

And thanks to my two friends who brought me yummy cupcakes! There were lovely and a wonderful little treat!

And to end this post, let me share with you the song that was in my head the whole day.

It is indeed a *very* good life.

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Joe and Bree said...

haha love the nickname! I'm going to call you that now! lol Glad you had a good birthday!