Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and for a few different reasons. I love all the bright colors and rain showers and spring flowers. I love the symbolism of rebirth and especially the time of reflection over Jesus Christ's atonement. This time of year is also great because we get to celebrate all 3 of our birthdays! (Talmage, April 14th--Lindsey, April 26th--Jonathan, May 12th)

This Easter was pretty swell. On Saturday we had a fun ward picnic, and afterwards we took Talmage to see the Easter Bunny at Broulims...haha. Yes, we did go to the grocery store just to get a picture. Turns out Mr. Bunny was a cashier, so we bought some stuff to look like we really needed to be checked out, then casually asked him to pose with our son.
Talmage was in awe of the soft furry thing holding him.

They even had a real bunny!

Then this morning we had our baskets all full of goodies, and Talmage could hardly believe his bucket was full of stuff just for him!
He got blocks, bubbles, bunny ears, a slinky, a fuzzy chicken, a t-shirt with Dad's lucky number on it, and a bunch of empty eggs :) We didn't fill them until the "egg hunt".

Our church starts at 1:00, so we had plenty of time to go up to the gardens and take some pictures :) It was REALLY bright sunny outside, meaning weird shadows everywhere and hardly any smiles from the little guy, but I tried my best to get some good shots.

We did a lil egg hunt and I filled his eggs with gold fish, raisins, and miniature m&ms.

The rest of the pics are on Facebook :)

And to end this Easter weekend Jonathan & I cooked a gigantic pot roast. We are joining some friends tonight for dinner and I'm sure we'll have fun as we always do :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!

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