Sunday, April 17, 2011

birthday bonanza!

Talmage's first birthday party was a smashing hit! We had good friends, good food, and rockin decorations :)

the invite:

the guests:
(all the husbands were outside grillin and chatting)
and of course little Ella, Talmage's girly friend :)

the decor:
(we played this soundtrack during the whole party. I love the fun songs for kids and who doesn't love Jack Johnson?)

the food:
We had a BBQ chicken lunch with some yummy sides. Allow me to share!
First, this punch is the most delicious I've ever had.
to make: 1 can Welch's white grape raspberry juice (undiluted), 1 bottle pineapple soda, crushed ice. Amazing!

This is my mom's macaroni salad that always reminds me of summer and picnics. It is always good and even better as leftovers.
to make: cook 16 oz. ditalini pasta, let cool, and add in...chopped olives, chopped dill pickles, 1/4 cup chopped onions, salt & pepper, garlic powder, 8-10 hardboiled eggs chopped up, 2-3 cups light mayo.

and because we did primary colors for the party, I also served up a big bowl of coordinating colorful fruit :)

the gifts:
Talmage was pretty spoiled with birthday presents... his grandma got him a swim outfit and awesome church shirt (also a onesie!), which he rocked today at church! my little stud!
thank you Grandma Dennett! And then he got MORE presents from all the nice people at the party! goodness gracious :)
his first soccer ball!
yay, sidewalk chalk!

It took him a while to get used to the whole opening presents thing...

Bubbles and a super bubble blow-gun from Emily & Kevin!
Our good friends Ashleigh & Logan were unable to come but they were so nice to get him a present anyways. Thank you for the bath boat!!! :) Talmage LOVES it!
Stuffed animals from Rachel & Tim!

At some point Jonathan tried to re-attach Talmage's party hat...the elastic string accidentally snapped on his wee nose and he was NOT happy...hahaha.

After re-situating in Mommy's lap, tears mostly gone, he opened some more fun presents!
Cute pj's from Nicole & Ella!
and from Mom & Dad he got lots of clothes, socks, a "magic writer",bath toys, and these awesome blocks.

We also made him some fleece blankets :)
with some added funky trim

After the party was over and the birthday boy had a nice long nap, we presented him with his very own birthday cake. He was a little wary at first but once he had that frosting on his lips he just went to town on it!
it got pretty brutal, and we had to bust out the paper towels :)
and then out of nowhere, he pushed it away! "No more cake, I am DONE!"
the damages?
And of course he had to top it off with some finger-painting in the remaining mess...

Bath time!
he loves his new tubby toys :)

And that was it! I had all this built-up stress about his birthday...the anxiety of him growing a year old and not being a baby anymore kept eating away at me. But I realized at the end of the day that he was still just a silly little boy who always puts a smile on my face. He will continue to be happy and healthy, and that's what is important. I love you, Talmage! (even if you do poop in the clean bath water that was *supposed* to cleanse you of cake crumbles...)


Judi Judkins said...

Awesome!!! I laughed outloud at the cake eating pictures....good thing no one heard me. He's still a little boy Lindsey! So glad you let him have fun and make a mess. I don't think I let any of you kids to that. More fun coming soon...hope you are all enjoying every day with him....Love Mom.

Christy Bracken said...

Such a cute birthday party..wish I could of been there. I can't believe how big Ella is getting. Do the Tucker's have a blog? Miss you tons and hopefully will see you in August.

SBR said...

I wish I could have come! Those tubby toys make me want to have tubby toys again. All I remember from my childhood are the rubber ducks that squish out water and we also made barbies part of the action...haha. love you much