Monday, April 11, 2011

i'm cheesy

I have a weird confession.

This is awkward for me, but, okay, well I'll just come out with it.

I'm SUPER cheesy.

I've noticed this more this last week. I love to watch tv shows and movies that make me cry. The other night I watched this movie called "Listen to your heart" and it got really sad near the end. I looked over at Jonathan with my bottom lip out and said, "Here I go, I'm gonna cry now" and he said "yep" because he KNOWS me. He knows I do this with just about every thing I watch. I make sure to tell him so that he knows not to look at me (I hate it when he watches me cry because I pull this really cheesy face).


Jonathan and Talmage have both been sick these last few days. Taking care of my baby boy is one thing, I'm used to the Tylenol drops and humidifying his room and such. But when Jonathan gets sick I like to pamper him. Like REALLY pamper...he is so spoiled. Like I said this is weird for me to say out loud but yes, I treat my sick husband as if he were a tiny ill child who can't do anything for himself. I draw his bath complete with salts and bubbles, turn the lights down and light candles, put on Enya, lay a cloth behind his head as he lies there so pitiful. I put clean clothes on the toilet and shut the door. I make him tea and tuck him into bed, let him sleep in as long as he likes and get things done. You must know that normally I don't do these things--only when he is sick. And I haven't even gone into the majority of it...And I LOVE it. weird, right?

well, hubs is out of the bath so to the teapot I go!


Layla said...

Enya? Really Enya? You are cheesy!

Haylee and JC said...

Thats SO funny!! You are a great wife.