Wednesday, April 6, 2011

in full bloom

Spring is finally here (sort of) and it has made me a little flower crazy. There aren't actual flowers popped out of the ground yet, so I've made do with fabric ones :)

Remember that rosette necklace I wanted to make? I kept looking around for a cheap long necklace to attach them to, but frankly there are none. So I pulled out some scrap ribbon and used that instead. Here it is!

and my attempt to take a glamour shot with it...

It was pretty simple. I used hot glue on shorter pieces of ribbon to attach the rosettes on the back.

and knotted it in the back. easiest necklace ever! (not that I've EVER made one before)...

and here the pics of those other flower broaches I promised...

I love the vintage favorite is the cameo, which I dug out of the bargain button bin at Porters! that means I paid less than 1/4 of a cent for it!
and I don't really like the hot pink one...but I thought it might be good for Valentines day?

I should mention that for all of these I used just needle and dual duty thread. If you make small x's with your thread as you hand stitch, the fabric will bunch itself up, giving it more volume. Some fabrics are more stubborn and you have to make your x's quite large. Then just stitch on the buttons and all those x's will be covered. I glued felt circles on the backs, along with a safety pin.

crossing my fingers for warmer weather to come soon! I am so over the gusty 30 mph winds!

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Forever, Foralways, No Matter What said...

You are so cute Linds! And so crafty!