Thursday, April 14, 2011

one whole year

I have a toddler now? Really? My sweet darling baby boy is no longer a "baby" in technical terms, but I will always think of him as one. This past year has been the most memorable in my whole life. Motherhood has matured and re-shaped me, and the blessings that come with watching a child grow are priceless. It has tried my patience to no end, but this has made me stronger as a wife & mother. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has entrusted us with such a wonderful,happy human being.

Today Talmage is one year old. Here are some fun facts about our spunky lil dude:

da-da, mum, yeah, God :)
(and the inaudible ones) guya guk, bulla boi, wayyyyyyy

eat, all done, milk

favorite food:
chocolate chip pancakes, raisins, blueberries, goldfish, pasta, dum-dums, pizza, fruit loops, chocolate milk.

favorite shows:
Sesame Street
Curious George
Cat In The Hat

LOVES to dance, claps hands, whistles, walks and almost runs, laughs hysterically when scared, plays peek-a-boo with anyone that will look at him, reads his books aloud (gibberish of course), is intrigued with his bellybutton, kisses, likes to hit and kick (we are working on this one...), six teeth, waves, loves patty-cake, size 4 diapers!

weight: 20.3 lbs (lil chubber)
height: not sure, his doc apt. isn't until the 19th. but he's usually in the 75th percentile.

Happy happy birthday son! We love you!!!


Layla said...

Happy Birthday Talmage!

Forever, Foralways, No Matter What said...

Happy Birthday Talmage! I cant believe he is 1, I remember when he was born :-)

SBR said...

He is so sweet I love hearing about him and what he's doing now : ) Happy Birthday(yesterday)Talmage!

Joe and Bree said...

I can't believe he's one! I remember seeing him in the hospital the day he was born...happy belated birthday Talmage!