Thursday, April 26, 2012

23rd birthday

Whenever I have a birthday I reflect on the things in my life. My accomplishments, my trials, the people I know, and things to come. I can't help but feel so blessed on this particular birthday.

Here are some of the things on my mind today (not in any significant order)...

I am incredibly grateful for my knowledge of the Gospel. I'm finally at a point in my life where I  am comfortable enough talking about my testimony. I still have so much to learn, but I know that Heavenly Father is aware of me and my progress.

My family. I was fortunate enough to be raised by two amazing parents who are madly in love with each other and strong in the gospel.They raised my two brothers, sister, and I with all the love a family could possibly have. They support me, my decisions, and my views. I love them more than words can say.

My education. After graduating college, I felt ashamed for a long time for getting just my Associates Degree. I've come to realize that although I don't have a certificate with 4 years of college stamped on it,  I can still continue my education in other ways. There are always things to learn and ways to learn them.  Since being out of college I have learned more about myself and life in general, and feel that I have grown in specific ways as a result of starting a family. There is no shame in that.

Jonathan. I will never forget the day I met that boy. He walked off the plane, through the Boise airport, and right through the terminal where I stood waiting to shake his hand, haha...I loved him the second I saw him and hoped with all my heart that he could love me back someday. Not only has he fulfilled that by becoming my wonderful husband, but he has given me two beautiful children! He is my everything, and I would not be the same person without him.

And speaking of those children.... :) I could not even express the amount of joy they have brought to me. I love them more than life. Until I became a mother I didn't know such love was possible.

Change. If someone would've asked me one year ago if I embraced change, I would say no-I have a strict routine in my life that doesn't welcome any amount of change. Since moving from Rexburg and basically starting a whole new life in Oregon, I would say that some change is a good thing. I know that we will grow as a family from this experience and begin many new adventures together. Some other areas of change: the size of our family with new baby Charlotte, Jonathan moving on from college and having a new take on his career field, my own parenting style being less strict, and all of us eating more vegetables :)

The privilege of being a stay at home mom. Life is NEVER dull around here...that's for sure...even the smallest of smiles can turn my bad mood around!
I have a truly blessed life.

Happy birthday indeed!


Markie said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!

Thank you for being such a kind-hearted, generous person! I hope Oregon is treatin' ya right.

Tyler and Kelly said...

Whats yours and jonathons love story, I'd love to hear it!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!

Christy Bracken said...

Happy ya!!!