Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today we made our first grand adventure in the lovely state of Oregon to Newport, a little town on the coast. Our main objective was to take Talmage to the Aquarium as his birthday present from us. He loved it!

 Touching the starfish

 Charlotte just slept through it all. I guess fish aren't her thing.
 It's hard to see, but that's a sea lion. They were enormous!
 Taking control of the fake submarine :]

The coolest part was definitely the shark tunnel. Talmage now has a fascination for sharks. He wanted to pet them as they swam over our heads and I'll admit it kinda freaked me out...sharks are fascinating but also creepy.

After the aquarium and some food we drove further up the coast to see the ocean and visit the local scene. There were all these cute little shops along the main road. The drive itself was beautiful- I can see now why Jonathan loves the Oregon coast so much!

When we got home we were all exhausted so I had the kids wind down by giving Talmage a bath and letting Charlotte watch him (she gets worn out by watching him bounce off the walls as he so often does these days... haha).

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Layla said...

I love the Oregon Coast! I've never been to Newport, but I am obsessed with Cannon Beach, Astoria, and Sea Side. Love Love Love sleepy coast towns.