Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm a big boy now!

Yesterday our goofy little Talmage turned TWO! Geez laweez where did the time go? I can remember him turning 1 like it was last weekend.

Here's some pics of both of our tots on this oh so special day. They love each other and are generally happy, though it may be hard to tell...

We kept it simple, since he really has no buddies out here yet. We had mac & cheese for lunch (his fave) and funfetti cupcakes, which are my new favorite. so yummy!

"Elmo's Potty Time" movie. We are trying to get him familiar with the potty. I think its working, cause he loves to sit on it now (though nothing ever happens..)

on that note, I love this picture. Talmage is reading his potty book for boys while on the toilet. I realized later that he was wearing the same color shirt as the boy in the book. That's a good way to send subliminal messages..."pee in the potty...poo in the potty....he's doing it, and he's YOU" :]

After all the birthday excitement was over we drove an hour to Portland, hit up Ikea and drove through downtown. We also visited Vancouver but didn't have time to explore. No surprise there, these kiddos have quite strict internal schedules :/

I am really liking our new area. Costco, Winco, & Walmart are less than 10 minutes away. And 20 minutes down the highway is a huge outlet mall (they have a Carter's!!!!) that is super nice. It does rain a lot, but the sun comes out quite a bit too and soon the pool will be open! woohoo! And there are just so many TREES everywhere..kinda reminds me of the South, all the lush green scenery. It's even a little humid, which my skin loves and my hair despises. hehe.

and just for fun here are some pics of our sweet Charlottan (that's what Jonathan calls means "ball of cheese" ! haha...)
I was trying to get her to smile...she goes from totally serious to smiley so quickly its easy to miss!

 I didn't get her big grin this time but it still counts, right? :]


The Garlands said...

She's so cute, so is Talmage! When we're in Vancouver this summer we can go exploring :) Miss you!

Shae said...

I love that potty book! I'll have to look for it when it's closer to time to potty train KJ. Your kiddos are absolutely beautiful, Lindsey!