Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July weekend

Every year we try and make the 4th a FANTASTIC day. We have gone to baseball games with fireworks, had big BBQs with friends, watched parades, etc. This year wasn't as exciting. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays and all, but it doesn't get dark here until 10 pm (way past the kiddos' bedtime) so we just stayed at home for the most part.

In fact, the morning of the 4th really sucked. We tried going to a few places that just didn't work out. It was stressful. I wanted to go home. So we did and I just made food the rest of the day. It was wonderful food but I was a little sad we had no one to eat it with us. Ah well.

After eating the ton of food that I made (wayyy too many leftovers), we took Talmage and Charlotte to the park and snapped a few more pictures. It was a nice and relaxing day.

That night after we put them in bed, Jonathan and I watched some fireworks from our street and put on Transformers 3 (which is sort of patriotic..I guess?) To be honest I hate the Transformers movies...but it was entertaining enough :]

The rest of the weekend was more fun. My brother Brock and his wife Layla drove from Seattle just to visit with us for a few days. It was great to see them and spend time with them since we've lived so far from them before we moved here.

We had lots of fun bumming at the beach, shopping, taking a few urgent trips to Sonic, and just enjoying the beautiful sunny hot weather.

I hate that I didn't get any pictures of them. My camera was dead and stuck in a corner of our trunk. poo. I just found it today. Guess we'll have to take a trip to Seattle pretty soon!

Today was CRAZY! Jonathan and I both gave talks, then we went to teach Primary, and now we are headed out to dinner with a family from the ward. It will be nice to relax this week and focus on applying for jobs. That's right...Jonathan won't be working here at the hospital, so he's on the search for a job that will mostly likely mean ANOTHER MOVE. yay...?

edit****** I stole some pics of the beach this weekend from my brother.

yep, that's my son running away...

Brock & Layla. Aren't they cute? We're so glad we got to see them!

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Layla said...

It was fun to see you guys! You should visit Seattle sometime!