Friday, July 13, 2012

photo booth love

warning: picture overload!

I love Photo booth on my mac. There have been a lot of random moments that both tots are sitting with me on the couch and I think, "this is a photo booth moment".

Exhibit A..
I had no makeup on that day. so don't look too closely please :]

 Exhibit B

Occasionally we'll even make a little spur of the moment video!

One thing I love about Photo Booth is that its a quick way to look at pictures from a LONG time ago. and to see my past hair cuts.
Single & cool, yo

Back in college when I would take pictures in class.

A few weeks before we moved out of Rexburg. I was really stressed out so I sat down to photo booth with Talmage and was instantly happy :]

 Photo booth also has a lot of cool effects. Back in the days, I would have a lot of fun with that.

my personal favorite.

Ever since Talmage turned 2, he has been extremely wary of the effects. They suddenly freak him out and he runs away screaming if I try and take a "distorted" picture with him. He is super sensitive like that. But he used to be cool with it.
He was such a delicious baby
what I may have felt like with twins...

My favorite person to take pictures with on photo booth is my forever big sister Megan. We would take so many pictures and laugh until we nearly peed our pants.

Meggy and me!

So many favorite memories were caught on photo booth.

Like when I had ducks in my college apartment. Samsung and Delilah. They were good ducks.

My first picture with Jonathan. Romantic, isn't it?

The night I was given my beautiful wedding ring and an "official" proposal from that adorable boy. Of course the first thing we did was go to Megan and Daniel's and take an obnoxious picture of the rock on my finger.

My ever growing belly of our first child.

Being a total dork with the hubby. A lot of those I couldn't even show.

Anyone else obsessed with their photo booth application?


A.S.K. said...

I love all the pictures! Man, your family has changed so much! It's so nice to go back and look at pictures of how things were before. Things just seem to change so fast!

Also, I've never heard of photobooth before. I may just have to look that up.

Megan said...

Hahaha you're crackin me up over here! So many good times :) now one picture I didn't see is a distorted pregnant belly picture. Got any of those? You coulda made yourself look like octomom or something. Haha. Maybe next time around ;) love you sis! I hope you end up over on my side of the world someday!!

I don't know how to sign in on here anymore,