Saturday, July 28, 2012


 I haven't  been able to take my eyes off of   this little one.

She is just pure fun all around! So much personality and spunk.

We started her on solids the other day. She's been having brown rice cereal for a few months and I decided it was finally time. BIG MOMENT!

We gave her sweet potatoes, and from her lack of expression I'd say she liked it. and was probably thinking, "geez, it's about stinkin time, yall." She showed more enthusiasm in the proceeding feedings :]


I've gone NUTS about BERRIES. I already mentioned this in my last post...but I don't think I'll ever get over how easily accessible they are in this state. We got blackberries this time. They're in all the ditches around here but we went to our ever favorite u-pick farm instead. I like supporting local farmers when I can, especially the ones who treat their customers so well. The farmers we meet here are always friendly, and they don't care at all that my 2 year old is stomping through their strawberries or gobbling a bushel of blueberries while we pick. In fact they welcome it. How nice is that?!

The blackberries are harder to pick, and we got some good size scratches to prove it. At one point I even had to pull a thorn out of my foot.

But in the end we got soooo many juicy, tart blackberries- and it only cost $3!

There was a garden for the pickers to enjoy, so we let Talmage run around and get all his toddler jitters out.

Charlotte sat in the back seat of the stroller for the first time (my girl is growing up...sigh). She actually was really quiet and observant the whole time. Just smelling the flowers I guess!


Jonathan has been applying for jobs like crazy and we're anxious to find out where the Lord is taking us next. He only has 4 more days  left of his internship! His coworkers are sad to see him go and are throwing him a little party on his last day (it's in a bar, so I will be staying home with the chillins). I couldn't be more proud of how hard he has worked and the relationships he's established. It's no secret that my husband is kind of quiet and shy, so this has been a HUGE milestone for him. Plus I'm way impressed that he has spent his days with criminally insane patients then come home to me, his nearly mental wife. Amazing. I couldn't do it.

It's also really stressful- not knowing where we'll be moving to in so short a time. We haven't packed a thing, we have no money to move, and we've gotten comfortable here in Oregon. So moving seems like a pretty radical thing to do right now. But we have no choice...he needs to work  somewhere.

So. that's our life right now. INSANE.

but good...always good.


My Name is JACY said...

WOW! Darling pictures!

I love Berries too! Especially from my gramps garden!

And as for moving... take it as it comes :) Think of it as a great adventure! and of course, let us know where it will be! Congrats that he's almost done! That. is. AWESOME!


Jill said...

I am secretly embarrassed by the time we made that blanket. I wasn't used to working with that kind of material and that was my first attempt at those kind of coreners. I have since learned to do things the right way!
we know how the "we don't know where we'll be living in a month or how we'll be paying for it" thing goes. All too well. It's been the story of our lives for our whole marriage. In fact, I keep thinking we'll be moving at the end of the summer, and I have to remind myself that we're here to stay. One thing about this time in our lives is that it really teaches you to rely on the Lord. We've driven by Jonathan's work several times. I have a van now, so I can come up to Salem sometime and we can do something crafty together!