Tuesday, April 9, 2013

growing up... just a little.

While we were watching the Sunday morning session of Conference I snapped some pictures of Charlotte (Talmage was still sound asleep). I realized as I looked through the lens that my little girl is no longer little. She looks & acts so much like a toddler now.

Some things about our little miss:

she hates tomatoes.
she is such a carnivore and loves any kind of meat. the other night I gave her a sausage from my pizza and she all but mauled me over for more.
she now has two molars! they were a beast coming in.
she hates the vacuum.
does not have a tender head at all (just like me!) aka she never fusses when I do her hair! so grateful.
still has an outie bellybutton :P
rarely dances. I wear myself out trying to get her to wiggle her booty but she just stares at me.
has the sweetest toothy grin and laughs like an old man.
has super chunky legs that I LOVE.
finally has a "lovey"- her bunny that she got for Easter whom we call "bunny" (real creative, I know) she has to sleep with it now and loves dragging it everywhere. 
she gets into EVERYTHING, but not like your typical young toddler. She really gets into it...sometimes I don't even recognize what the mess is made from just that it looks nothing like it did before.
she loves pulling out the pots and pans, but especially the cheese grater. it holds a certain fascination.
she climbs stuff. stairs, furniture, park play structures. she is a super quick climber and it scares me to death.
whenever I pull her into a public bathroom she makes the loudest noises she can to hear her voice echo. haha...

Talmage is getting unusually bigger, too. He turns 3 this Sunday. I can't even believe it. I'm so happy to have a boy in the house who likes bugs and cars and trains and dirt. He brings the silly out of me and takes me back to my childhood of lego-building and rough & tumble pretend play (I grew up with brothers). He reminds me that I never want to grow up. He says the funniest things and has the best little-boy laugh ever. BUT- I'll save the rest of what I love about him for the next post :]

have a happy week! 


The Garlands said...

She has gotten so big. I miss seeing you all so much. Hopefully you and I can see each other soon.

Shelley and Eric said...

I think Emmeline has cute clothes, until I see Charlotte! Where on earth did you get those leg warmers and onsie?? Your kids are soo cute!

The Dennett's said...

your babe is definitely cute, Shelley :] the onesie is from K-mart from along time ago before I ever had her (couldn't pass up the sale!) and a friend gave me the leg warmers- but they are Babylegs brand. I don't buy them myself bc they're pricey but people have given me lots of them still in the package so we have a lot. they're kinda fun for days when she doesn't want to wear pants :]

Joe and Bree said...

Ha I LOVE her chunky legs! She looks like such a happy baby! And I cannot believe that Talmage is almost 3! I remember the day you brought him home from the hospital..time goes by way too fast. Miss you!