Thursday, April 18, 2013

tulip fields

I have so much of picture-catching-up to do, but it's a lot of work to put all of them on the blog. I put all our newest pics on FB so if you'd like to look at them there feel free :] maybe in the near future I will put just my favorites on here (I still need to post about T's birthday!). For now, I only want to write about our day in Woodburn!

It's been beautiful & sunny here lately, but in a random pattern: rainy, rainy, cloudy, rainy, SUNNY, rainy, then SUNNY again. ha.

On the sunny days we try to take full advantage cause it could be an entire week before the next nice day. Tuesday was the perfect day to do something outside since Jonathan was home AND it was gorgeous weather. So we went to the tulip festival!

Last year we saw the tulips for the first time and we came near the end of the festival so a lot were already dead or wilting. But this year we must have come at the perfect time because they were so big & bright & full.

umm yeah, T totally picked one. oops.

Of course we had to take an applesauce break :]


There was a kid's area that Talmage loved more than anything- of course! He especially liked this tall, bumpy slide that I thought was terrifying. I went down it once and it actually kinda the boys thought it was awesome.

It's outings like this that remind me how beautiful Oregon is and how grateful I am to be living here. More than anything, I'm grateful for my little family that I can spend time with constantly! We've all been much happier individuals in these past few weeks- for a lot of reasons that maybe I'll go into later. I just want to enjoy this time that we have while our kiddos are young, even though that is incredibly hard to do some days. and perhaps I could spend more time counting my blessings...because there sure are more of them than I realize.

I can't wait till our next outing! Please, rain...stay away for a while!


Clementine said...

HOLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill said...

loved the tulips fields! I love the applesauce break picture...