Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend

We had a CRAZY busy Easter weekend this year. Probably because Jonathan's sister got married on Friday, or perhaps because T's first soccer practice was on Saturday...or maybe because after we squeezed in some Easter festivities at home and then drove to the coast to be with the family. And also because we stayed there for a few days and did a ton of MORE stuff that I can't even think of right now...

I'll post pictures of the wedding and other stuff later, but today is Easter and I just want to share with you all my testimony of the Savior.

On Saturday morning, we all woke up at 7 am- eager to get up and going and start the fun ahead of us. Before I let the kids out of their pj's, we all sat together and watched "Because of Him" on That short two minute long video was just perfect. At the end, I had tears streaming down my face and told the kids "I know that Jesus Christ died for us so that we can live again after we die. I know we will be together forever- for all eternity- in heaven as a family. Do you know this? Because I do."

And ever so sweetly they both nodded their heads and looked intently at me with mouths gaping open.

I think I really needed to hear myself say these words. It's been difficult lately...I won't go into all that right now but every family has their ups and downs. We've had lots of both lately, and what I needed more than anything this weekend was to remember that because of Him, LIFE is possible- and so is EVERLASTING life.

Ever since my grandma passed away in October, I have been a basket case. If I hear someone's relative passed away, or drive by a cemetery, or sing a hymn that sets off those similar feelings- I just totally lose it. I've sought out therapy, was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, ordered prescription drugs, talked to my doctor and husband and mother multiple times...trying to fix this hurt. It hasn't gone anywhere, even after all that.

But when I think of my beloved Savior, who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can see our loved ones beyond the veil, some of that pain subsides...and hope fills its place. Hope, faith, and gratitude. I can never repay that debt to Him, not ever.

So, to lighten this post up a bit, here's our Easter pictures :) And no, I didn't take any pics of the kids getting their Easter baskets. I'm actually a bit ashamed of how over-the-top I went this year..lesson learned! They certainly do NOT need a dozen toys every year. I am ridiculous sometimes. No more presents until Christmas! (and maybe not even then...haha)

 We took these at the beach house we stayed at in Lincoln City. It was so wonderful there and we really didn't want to leave :)

Happy Easter, everyone!

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