Wednesday, April 16, 2014

tulip festival

On Talmage's actual birthday, we headed to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival!

This is our third springtime in Oregon, which means we have now been to the festival three times! Every year it is wonderful and stunning in its own way- the tulips are always in a different place and everything is moved around. This year, we decided to go on a weeknight (Monday) because I had it in my head that parking would be cheaper and there would be less people. Okay, so it was less crowded- but still packed- however..parking was still the same. ha. After forking out way too much money to the parking desk, we found a spot way wayyyy in the back of the lot. As we started the long walk to the tulip fields, we noticed that this year the tulips were quite a distance from the gift shop and play area. In fact, it turns out there was a separate parking lot down closer to the fields....and even tractor-pulled carts to take people down and up (for a fee I'm sure). So, we began our hike as the sun set a little lower. We had about an hour before the festival was closed for the day- another factor I was unaware of. So- our favorite springtime activity didn't start out that great.

But as we got closer to the fields, the same thing happens that always happens. My heart stops for a few seconds as I take in the awe of the beauty before us. A kaleidoscope of colors that seems to go on for miles. It is truly the most beautiful sight. I want to throw my hands up in the air like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music and run through the rows of flowers without a care in the world. But, unfortunately..that's not allowed :)

I resorted to taking pictures instead! The kids were as in awe of tulips as I was, which makes the experience so much more special.

Mt. Hood in the background. Gorgeous.

An hour ended up being the perfect amount of time to see the tulips and let the kids play. And the weather was perfectly sunny and warm. We really lucked out on that one.
As per tradition,  Jonathan bought me four bunches of tulips to take home. I separated them into different jars and put them throughout the house, and every time I look at them its like instant happiness! :) Oh how I love springtime!

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