Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Talmage is FOUR!

Our crazy fun boy turned 4 years old this year on 4/14/14. How awesome is that? :) I swore I wouldn't throw two birthday parties in the same year but he would NOT leave me alone about it. He kept asking, "Who's coming to my party?" and "Am I gonna have a birthday with my friends?!" He just really wanted friends over...and I wanted him to feel I said I would do a simple party- no over the top theme or ridiculous amounts of time crafting decorations. And for the most part, I stayed true to this.

A few minutes before the guests arrived I took some "four-year-old shots" of T :)

Talmage loves blue and green so we went with those. He also LOVES superheroes, so I tried to incorporate a little bit of that in, too. The goodie bags had "superhero belts" on them and insides lots of little superhero knick-knacks like pop rock candy, bubbles, and stickers (all from the Dollar Store!).

We had veggie cups, pizza, lemonade (T's favorite) and cupcakes for eating. 

All the kids who came played outside in the yard and it was so simple but perfect! They played "musical stumps", kickball, duck duck goose, hula-hoop, had a silly string fight, and drew with chalk :) I was so glad the sun came out for the party- I'm not sure how I would have entertained all those kiddos inside!

The moment he blew out his candle I wanted to bawl like a baby. Happy tears and sad tears and hopeful tears all in one...I love seeing him so happy, but at the same time a piece of my heart breaks away as my baby grows older. I only wish he will stay this happy forever.

 {cupcake faces} :P

We sure do love this boy with our whole hearts!!! Never stop being YOU, sweet Talmage. You are super.

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jjudkins said...

Looks like Talmage loved the silly string. :)

Loved seeing all the birthday party pictures. Someday I hope to actually BE at one of those parties.

Love you all.