Tuesday, August 26, 2014

30 weeks

Two weeks ago I had my third-trimester appointment with my midwife. Whoohoo! This pregnancy has gone by super fast...all thanks to the two littles keeping me busy at home :)

People often ask me how far along I am and it takes me a minute to remember what week I'm on. But when I feel baby's kicks getting stronger each week I'm reminded that she is growing and will be here before we know it!

I've been taking the kids with me to my appointments so they can hear her heartbeat, and while this has been wonderful and awesome...I think I need to go to the rest of them by myself. It's nearly impossible to talk to the midwife without T or C competing for attention. They are so loud and distracting during appointments. Guess I need to find a babysitter, ha.

Last night for our FHE we took a tour of the labor and delivery floor of the hospital. I really wanted to do this since I've never birthed at this hospital before. Thankfully our hospital is really nice and I have no concerns about the care I'll receive there. I was also happy to see they have tubs in each room for laboring as well as giant bouncy balls to sit on and essential oils for natural delivery. :) I can hardly wait!!

Anyway, a few weeks ago the results from my glucose test revealed that I was anemic (low iron). I was surprised to get this phone call because I've been feeling fine...but, the weird thing is I've had the feeling that I needed more iron for the last few weeks before that. I stopped taking prenatals from the get-go because of how sick they made me, and have been taking multi-vitamin gummies instead. The gummies have no iron in them and iron is one of those things you NEED when growing a baby :) I'm not a vegetarian but I eat very little red meat...and I just kept feeling like I needed to be taking an iron supplement despite physically feeling okay.

The nurse on the phone told me which kind of supplement to take and said I'd be feeling much better within a week. I wondered what could be wrong with me since I felt fine...but after being on the iron (AND back on the prenatals) for a few weeks I can totally tell a difference. I'm not as tired and weak, and the stiff soreness in my calves is gone. I was having awful, gut-wrenching charlie horses at night and sometimes while walking around. I had no idea it was due to iron deficiency. Also I'm no longer seeing black spots when I stand up. So grateful for modern medicine!

With every pregnancy there's always been an "issue". Not terrible things but something that made it uncomfortable. With T it was never-ending morning sickness/heartburn, with C it was a five month long yeast infection, and with this one it's definitely joint pain. Not just the weak support in my ankles, but... basically, all the bones around where the baby is feel like they're on fire like all the time. Some days are worse than others, and it's not always unbearable. One night this week, I could literally feel the baby's bum in my lower abdomen and it was pinching the nerve in just the right way so that I couldn't walk or put pressure on my right side.  I'm trying to stay positive and think of it as my body preparing for labor pains so it won't come as a total shock to the system. ha.

But pains aside, it is still so comforting to feel her moving around in there. The kicks/punches are so hard that when Jonathan and I are on the couch watching tv with a few blankets between us, he can feel her movements. The kids like to put both their hands on my belly and talk to her while she wiggles. Charlotte is constantly singing songs with her mouth on my stomach...its pretty darn cute.

I have to say that I've enjoyed this pregnancy probably a bit more than the others...I don't have hardly as much anxiety or physical discomfort. Living in a house (albeit small) has made me feel somewhat better about bringing baby home, and the kids are invested in getting to meet her and love on her :) It's also been nice not to have to buy anything aside from the materials needed to paint or sew stuff. With my other two pregnancies I felt like the months were going by so slow and I was counting each week, but it's completely the opposite this time around. Every month just FLIES by... I can't stress this enough. haha. It truly feels like the world is spinning so much faster.

As far as her name goes, we are sticking with our choice. I can't come up with any other name that I'm more in love with or that feels as right. We will see if that changes or not!

With just 10 weeks left, we're trying to stay motivated to get things done! This weekend we sanded and painted the crib, assembled it, and I stayed up till 1 am sewing a crib skirt. I still have a few more sewing projects to do and I need to do a few finishing touches on T & C's rooms. Not to mention all the OTHER stuff to get done between now and November...fall is always pretty busy for us (still my favorite season though!).

We can't wait to hold this little gal! Still I hope she takes her time... I do not want to go into labor before November! *fingers crossed*

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