Friday, August 29, 2014

end of summer ~ library carnival

Last weekend our library held a "Summer Blast Reading Carnival". I guess they do this every summer, though this is the first time we participated. We will definitely do it every year now- it was so much fun!

During the summer, library members read at least 10 hours with their kids and when they have that completed they get a bunch of fun prizes. Well, we didn't win any of the raffle ticket prizes but we did get free zoo tickets, book totes, two new books, and passes to the carnival (which was 100% FREE- the best!).

Since the carnival was on a Friday afternoon, Jonathan took a half-day at work so he could come with us (and thank goodness...because everything is so much harder these days with two kids). The carnival was on this cute plaza downtown and all the activities and treats were totally free! Did I already mention that? is good. We try to go to places when something FREE is involved- i.e. the movies, zoo, Ikea, etc. We are big fans of free :) Okay moving on...

The kids definitely had a BLAST!

The firetruck was pretty cool. Talmage could hardly believe he was actually sitting in one, haha. His face was priceless. 

Funny little side story...right before it was our turn to "tour" the truck, the firemen got a call on their radios for a fire and they quickly shut all the doors, jumped in the truck, and turned on the lights and engine. Talmage was about to completely break down when he realized he wouldn't get to sit in the was pretty devastating for second. And then just as quickly as they got ready to leave, they jumped right back out and said another dispatch would take care of it. Whew! I would have NEVER heard the end of that one! haha.

All the little booths had some different appeal...whether it was bubbles, prizes, or rockets flying into the air! I didn't get any pics of the rockets because it all happened so fast :) There were also some animals they got to pet. I couldn't believe that Charlotte would touch the snake but not the turtle...she is so weird sometimes!

These guys are face-painting pros now...they know to sit still and not wipe it off for *at least* an hour afterwards :)

I love all the fun that summertime brings! It's bittersweet welcoming the fall season but boy, am I ready! Fall means pumpkins and pumpkin patches and pumpkin baked goods and BABY :D

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