Wednesday, August 13, 2014

a day on the coast

This last weekend it was supposed to be HOT, so we decided the only proper thing was to go to the beach!

We started off with Otter Rock (Depoe Bay) for a few reasons. We like this spot because of Mo's (a really yummy place to eat- famous for their clam chowder!) and because of the view from the lookout point. We also wanted to explore the beach on the other side of Otter Rock that we've heard good things about. Honestly it was just a beach like any other...but still really pretty!

It sure wasn't hot at this point, but it was warming up. It's a very lucky thing if you can be at the Oregon coast on hot day. We kept checking the temperatures on our phones and it was just inching its way up there.

At the lookout we watched the tides come in and out of "Devil's Punch Bowl". The wind was really strong, as evidenced by Charlotte's 70's hair and flying skirt. ha ha.

We had lunch at Mo's before continuing on. This particular Mo's is super small and crowded, and they don't have as big of a menu, but we like it for the toy sharks that the kids get :) As far as I know it's the only Mo's that gives out these little sharks. We like collecting them for our tub of bath toys :)

The next stop was Pacific City. Luckily the kids slept in the van on the way there. We came here last summer and the tide pools were really fun so we decided to come back. Sadly, no starfish this time :( But it was still a good spot- we set up the shade by the rocks and streams so the kids could play close to us.

It wasn't long before I realized that I left my SD card for my camera at home, so I wasn't able to take any nice pictures. Thankfully Jonathan's phone has a better camera on it than mine does.

On the other side of us, there was this GIANT sand dune that lots of people were climbing up and running down. It looked like fun, and when I mentioned that we should climb it Jonathan gave me a look that said "Are you sure you can do that?...being pregnant and injured and all?"

But it was lot easier than it looked. Charlotte was a little champ- I was so impressed! It got to a point where we were so high up and she got scared, so I bear-crawled around her to make her feel safe.

*This next video is a little long but it puts a huge smile on my face. You can see from all the teeny tiny people walking on the shore how high up we were, yet the dune was slanted just perfectly so that it wasn't too steep. Talmage rolled alllll the way down the dune and Charlotte scooted on her bum. It was the cutest thing ever.  These kids crack me up...I love how different their personalities are. Notice at the VERY end how C falls running towards her daddy. I shouldn't laugh as I watch it but I totally do anyways.

It never did get super hot (just really, really windy), and I don't think any of us got more tan :( But we had great time playing and exploring. It will probably be a while before we go again (if we do go again this summer), because we have so much to get done at home and's a LOT of work getting things gathered for a beach day. I'm so grateful that we live close to the coast and are able to go all year long.

We ended our day with a trip to Dairy Queen for blizzards and no dinner. haha...well, we had car snacks...but, sometimes it's just necessary to have ice-cream for dinner. And they were GOO-OOD.

We miss the beach already. Hopefully we can go again next month!

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