Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Penelope at 3 months

Our sweet babe is three months old today. We will skip all the "how did time fly by so fast" and "please stay my baby forever" crap. Although those are true statements, it starts to feel redundant. Truth is- I love watching my babies grow. I told this to a random lady at the beach the other week, and she sneered the evil sneer at me and said "Oh, if only you knew. This must be your first." 

Actually, lady...she is not. After three babies I've learned a thing or two. I've learned that growth is magical and miraculous and beautiful and amazing. 

Of course they are sweet when they're little. Of course it's sad to see them grow. But it is also SO wonderful to see them grow and be even more happy little human beings as they learn and discover the world. I'm finding myself less and less sad about this.

So anyway. Three months! Here are some things I love about our three month old missy:

~she falls asleep when I sit her on my knee and bounce her. After ten minutes or so, her little chin falls to my arm and I know she's out. I love it when she does this!

~she has reached the DROOL stage, and this comes with bubbles :) Drool and bubbles is pretty much her life now. 

~she eats every three hours on the dot, goes to bed at midnight on the dot, and wakes up anytime from 9-11 am the next morning. Girl can sleep. I do nurse her at night but always in the bed so we both sleep through it. Yes, she still sleeps with me. But I try to put her in the crib as much as I can when I'm not a zombie. 

~still loves her swing and bouncer, but her new obsession is the PLAY MAT. She grabs the toys with those little chubby fingers and steals my heart.

~did I mention she loves toys? LOVES them. Especially if they hang close to her face or fingers and make noises.

~LAUGHS. It is the cutest. We love her sweet laugh.

~when she isn't happy she grunts. And she will grunt for a LONG time. 

~had her first ever sickness last week- a minor cold. She got through it like a champ.

~gets really excited when we turn on Baby Einstein. Her eyes widen and she furiously kicks her legs and punches the air. 

~can now "stand" holding our thumbs, roll over from tummy to back {sometimes}, sit comfortably in her bumbo, and she's even attempting to crawl! What the what?

Gosh, I love that drooly face!!!

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