Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentines and Birthday weekend

As a general rule of thumb, life with three kids dictates that my blog posts will always be (at least) a week late. At least.

In an attempt to get caught up, I'm dividing Valentine's Day weekend into TWO posts- because so much happened! We blessed P on that Sunday, but more on that later :)


The kids got traditional jammies Valentine's day morning, and we had a yummy breakfast with Jonathan's parents- coconut pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. It was seriously so good.

We don't normally go out for Valentine's OR give expensive gifts (usually we will give/do something cheesy). But this year was the exception, which after 6 years of marriage is OK I guess. We double dated with his parents. Jonathan and his dad surprised us with a showboat ride down the river. He totally got me, I wasn't expecting that at ALL.

Turns out- the boat ride was actually really cheesy anyway... haha! We got some good laughs later. I also made him a wedding album- a project that took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to complete. First I had to round up all our engagement & wedding pictures, re-edit them ALL (I didn't care for our photographer's edits), and try to make a nice book out of them. And the price was tricky...fortunately I was able to round up about four different discounts to use on Shutterfly so it was an amazing deal! And Jonathan made me a beautiful casserole dish in pottery...which cracked. So- he's going to try again! (This was actually casserole dish #3. The first one was a flop right away and the second one that he gave me for Christmas cracked after I unwrapped it. ha ha.) I don't care that it cracked, I'm going to use it to plant some herbs :) I love that he tries so hard to surprise me. It's the thought that counts- truly!

Kinda jokingly, I told Jonathan that next year I just want a pint of ice-cream. But I wasn't really joking.


Charlotte's birthday was so much fun! It was surprise after surprise! Aunts and uncles and grandparents and brother made it such a special day for her.

We sung "happy birthday" to her throughout the day, and she loved it every time. Her grammaw surprised her with a bunch of Disney princess barbies- I don't know if I've mentioned or not how much that girl loves her "bobbies". We went out to eat at Red Robin, where she got sung to again and was given an ice-cream sundae. Talmage had to get one, too, of course! We brought all of her presents to the restaurant to open, and she really freaked when she tore the paper off of her light-up Elsa doll :)

Talmage was also really proud of the pink soccer ball he got her, so she can have something to kick around at his soccer practice. It was a perfect little birthday!

Grammaw & Grampaw had to leave on Monday afternoon- so sad! We always miss them way too much!

Tuesday was C's actual birthday. It felt weird not doing anything, even though we had already celebrated the day before... ha. So that morning we had a birthday tea party with her. Jonathan happened to be home that morning for other reasons- so it worked out great! We made orange juice and berry scones, and stayed in our pajamas. Simple and perfect :)

It was a super fun-filled weekend! Penelope's blessing post to come!

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