Tuesday, February 17, 2015

three little valentines

Its getting increasingly harder to take pictures of all three kids. So when we did a little Valentine's Day shoot I just plopped them on the bed. ha ha.

Also, moderation in picture-taking is something I'm working on. As in, it's okay to take like five pictures instead of fifty. Until I get to that point of restraint, pardon my plethora of photos. :D At least they're cute, right?

These were the outfits the kids wore on the Sunday after Valentines Day. But since we had family over that day, I took these like a week before. ha. Poor things having to dress up TWICE.

I kinda freaked out when I found these matching dresses for the girls. Ruffles vs. pleats...I don't know which is cuter but I don't care!

And Talmage...he's just as sweet as ever. My number one little man.

 I couldn't ask for sweeter valentines!

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Susan Stange said...

I love your plethora of photos! Your kids are so so so so sooooooo cute!