Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Diamond Steve Talmage

It's that time of year again!!! Our costume post is always my favorite. Jonathan and I aren't big on dressing up (okay, I admit I like to dress up Jonathan occasionally) but we get SUPER excited dreaming up costumes for the kiddos. And no, we don't always make them ourselves. But when we do it is extra fun! This year we decided to make costumes and they turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself ;)

I'm breaking up all the costume pictures so that this post isn't forever long. First up is our little man! Talmage's Papa (my dad) got him the game of Minecraft last Christmas and since then he has become OBSESSED. Actually, our whole family is really into the Minecraft thing. What's not to love? It's basically a boy's virtual dreamworld where he can explore anywhere, build and create anything, and defend himself against the monsters! It is the perfect outlet for Talmage, and he just loves everything about it. So of course, he wanted to be only one thing for Halloween...Diamond Steve!

If you aren't familiar with Minecraft, Steve is the main character and diamond armor is the best kind of armor for its rare quantity and durability. We were too lazy to make the whole suit of diamond armor, so we opted for a diamond blue t-shirt and a diamond sword. The only part of this costume that we had to make was the bucket (dollar store bucket spray painted silver) and Steve head. We covered the head in clear packing tape in case it rains while he goes trick-or-treating. I mean, we do live in Oregon. The tape made it feel sturdier, too. His eyes peek out from a hole where Steve's nose is supposed to be. haha...if you look closely you can see him looking out!

Here he is doing the typical Steve thing- trekking through forest and gathering food, watching out for creepers and spiders lurking behind the trees, and chopping down trees!

He needed his handy torch to light the way, of course.

He forged apples, potatoes, wheat, and sticks!

 We pretended that the little red barn was his house made of bricks. haha!

What an adventure! Now he just needs to track down some candy for his bucket! ;)

He is even more adorable without the square head. ha ha!


Susan Stange said...

Haha! What a fun mom you are to come up with such a sweet costume! Talmage seems like he loves it, and good idea with the packing tape. You can never be sure with Oregon...

Dana Judkins said...

So cute :) I went to your blog just to see their costumes!! -Aunt Dana