Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Penelope at 11 months

I think that month 11 is the one that really feels as if my baby is so much older. Not quite one year old yet, but I can sense it fast approaching.

Plus, she is just SO different! She can shake/nod "no" and "yes", babble all day long, take one or two baby steps with assistance, drink whole milk cold, say HI and wave, clap her hands and give high-fives, plant slobbery open-mouth kisses, and sleep in her crib all night long! Yep, we've had quite a few of those nights- they are wonderful!

I adore this cute little Halloween babe.

See those teeth? She has four now! Two on bottom, one front tooth, and one canine :) Before her front tooth emerged, we chuckled at the fact that she had a "vampire tooth" on top :D

It's not obvious in the pictures but she actually has tiny blonde curls in the back and sides of her head now, too! I love twisting my pinky finger around her locks.

 Time is moving too fast, but OH how I love watching her grow! We LOVE our honey-bun!

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Kelly and Tyler said...

Holy cute. for real. <3