Friday, October 23, 2015

Rainbow Fish Penelope

Eeeek!! I am beyond thrilled with how little Penelope's costume turned out. We weren't sure what to dress her up as but I had some leftover fabric from C's costume, and I really wanted to have the girls "match" somehow. One day we were reading my favorite childhood book, and suddenly I knew EXACTLY what P should be. It was too perfect!

I will go into some details, but first...

A Fisherman's Tale:
(I am literally making this up as I write it, so it's not perfect poetry!)

There once was a fisherman who lived by the sea.
He was a happy lad, but also lonely.
Until one fine day when he cast his line out,
and out came a fish!! Salmon, or trout?

She was neither of those- but a special little fishy.
One who was sparkling, sweet, and squishy!
Her scales boasted purples, blues, and pink-
And in her tiny mouth, a drooly BINK BINK (that is what I sometimes call her binky..ha)

She was better than anything the fisher could wish-
because at his feet, sat the Rainbow Fish!

She glanced back at the ocean for just a pause,
and longed for what could be- not what was.

Because she knew that the fisherman up above,
had something much better to offer- LOVE!

Now best friends with a marvelous tale,
she baby-fish babbled, "Want one of my scales?"

 haha! I coudn't resist. They are just so cute together.
a few details about her costume: the scales are felt, and because I got lazy at this point in costume-making, I simply hot glued them onto the onesie (with cardboard in between the fabric layers). I sewed the scales to the back loosely by hand, and then the dorsal fin. The tail is scales glues onto more felt :) And those fish eyes! That is a styrofoam ball cut in half with black felt circles as eyeballs. Pretty easy!

I had to get some shots of the girls together. Ocean buddies!

Happy {early} Halloween!


Nancy said...

Those pictures of Jonathan fishing for Penelope are darling! :)

Great work on all the costumes this year!

Jill said...

Sooooo cute! My girls love love love rainbow fish. And this costume turned out perfect! So creative and one of a kind. I love it!