Monday, June 4, 2012


Oh how I love weekends! Even if we don't go anywhere and just stay home, its nice to have all that time with Jonathan.

This weekend I felt sort of...BLAH...

yep. It was the dreaded first period.  My first one in a year. I forgot how much it sucks.

One thing is for sure. It was just the way it always is. The first few days before it starts I get super emotional and just sad. We were in the car going to the grocery store and I broke down crying. Not for any reason, just because. A day later I stood in a Walmart dressing room crying again. And again while watching an uber cheesy movie about golden retriever puppies.

And then for the next few days, during the worst of it, I get very moody and snap at just about everyone for every thing. It's like there's no filter from my mind to my mouth. My poor family...

I am so thankful for a husband that puts up with me in these worst of times. He knows that when I'm emotional I'm also really down on myself. But he was patient, gentle, and comforting. He also spoiled me with dark chocolate almonds and perfume, which didn't hurt one bit ;]

Fast Sunday did a lot of good, too. While fasting I remembered that despite my imperfections, Heavenly Father loves me for me. Every day I try to be a better mom and wife...and that counts for something.

In the meantime, these little tots of ours continue to make my life brighter! Words cannot describe how much I love them!

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A.S.K. said...

Oh no! I am NOT excited about having my first period. Yeah...I've gone almost 20 months without one. Almost 2 years! I can't believe it! It probably has something to do with KJ not sleeping through the night. I'm so glad that Jonathan spoiled you with some yummies, though!