Sunday, June 10, 2012

sickness. blah!

This weekend was very eventful. We had lots of things planned...and got to do none of them because BOTH children were sick :(

It breaks my heart every time to watch my child be sick, whether its a tiny cold or something more serious. It hasn't gotten any easier over the few years I've been a parent. This time, it was slightly more on the serious side.

On Thursday, Talmage's long-lasting fever that he had been running for a few days got really high and wouldn't go away with ibuprofen. He had a horrible sounding cough that wouldn't give up. My initial belief that he had just a cold or was teething suddenly turned into deep concern.

That night it got really bad. He slept with us in our bed (we put C in her crib so she wouldn't wake up to his coughing. She slept the entire night in there....such a blessing!) We probably got a total of 2 hours sleep. He was drenched in sweat, crying/whining/wheezing, and delirious. He would ask me to sing songs to him, and sing them with me. It was kind of funny but mostly very concerning...we didn't know what to do for him. I kept my eyes on him all night as long as I could. He coughed so much and his whole body shook when he breathed, as if it hurt. I sobbed and sobbed....and finally asked for Jonathan to give him a blessing. I don't know what time it was...3 or 4... I felt so much comfort throughout the blessing and I am sure it helped me regain some sanity. We considered taking him to the ER, but the Spirit was strong and we knew he would make it fine with us for the night.

I called the dr.first thing the next morning and made an appointment promptly. When we took him in, the doc looked worried and they tested his oxygen levels (which they never revealed). She told us he had croup, and was worried that he might have pneumonia as well.
So we took him across town to get a chest x-ray. He was such a trooper through the whole thing even though he was exhausted and in pain. The x-ray revealed that he has bronchiolitis- meaning the small air passages in his lungs got inflammed. We were relieved that it wasn't pneumonia but also sad for what he has been enduring.

He got treated for the croup shortly after a visit to the doc, thank goodness. But there's not much we can do for the bronchiolitis since it is a viral infection and antibiotics do nothing. SO...we took home this fancy little machine called a nebulizer that connects to a tube which connects to a mask. We pour some fluid into the mask, it vaporizes, and he breathes it in. It helps open his airways. He hates the mask but has gotten used to it...hopefully he won't have to use it much longer. We give him the "vapor treatment" about every 4 hours.

We love him so much. He has been so sweet and good through everything...

Thankfully, three days later, he is much more his normal self though the bronchiolitis is not completely gone. BUT he's happier and jumping off all the furniture and SLEEPING lots so we are very grateful for that. I have found myself not getting so annoyed and upset with him, and just letting things go because of what he has been through. Its made me realize that the most important thing is that he is HEALTHY, not being a perfectly good and obedient little boy that I so often wish he was. We've been spoiling him these last few days and I will continue to spoil him because he deserves it. He is wonderful and innocent in his own way.

And now I address the next child. It turns out that baby Charlotte is also sick. It's just a cold (I think....I hope....) but because she is so young I have been just as worried about her physical state. Her cough doesn't sound normal, either, and I worried that Talmage spread something to her but the dr said his bronchiolitis is not contagious. So I assume she just a caught a bug from somewhere. Her coughing is the most concerning...we are giving her warm apple juice and it seems to help a little. I just pray that its nothing serious...I can't handle that stress again...

In the meantime, she remains cute :]

 Things calmed down today. I stayed home with the tots while Jonathan went to go teach our Primary class. And it's unbelievable even to me that I got any crafting done this weekend. But it happened, and I love the outcome.

Talmage's side of the bedroom seemed kinda empty compared to the ridiculous amount of cute crap on Charlotte's side. So I made these fun pom-poms and a flag banner with his name. The poms are super fun to make, inexpensive, and so colorful! I love how it brightens up the room.

Of course, I couldn't resist making some pink ones's a bad habit.

Its overkill, I know. But she has so little wall space on her half of the room! Someday, when we have a grand 4 bedroom house (sigh) she will have her own room and it will all be spread out. I don't regret it....I love how the pink & cream poms look!

My other project was this flag frame. I am obsessed with flag banners lately. It's kind of a trend these days and you see them everywhere...eventually they got to me and I had to bust out my Silhouette to make some flags.

And its not only for the 4th of July; the flags just hang on the string so you can change them out with the season! Yay! I love stuff that's cute all year round. And no, it doesn't sit hangs by the front door but there wasn't good enough light to take pictures of it there :]

I also made some freaking adorable Father's Day cards that I cannot reveal at this time...more on that later!

Hope everyone had a better weekend than me! (that is, one without sick kids...cause it pretty much sucks!)


A.S.K. said...

I am so sorry that your kiddos have been sick! That's no fun at all! I always worry so much when KJ gets even a little cough...On another note, I love the tissue pom poms! I tried to make some a few months ago and failed...But, I love that the link you provided has pictures with the instructions so maybe I'll try again!

Susan said...

So so soooo cute! I've been trying to think of ways to cuten up Chelsea's room and I think you've just solved my dilema! Thanks! Now you just need to give me a tutorial please! Thanks for sharing on your blog!

Logan and Ashleigh said...

I am so sorry...I hate when the kids are sick!! He looks so sweet with the little mask, poor boy and POOR MOM! I am glad things are starting to get better...and ADORABLE crafting as usual!

Christy Bracken said...

Yeah Linds I feel your pain on sickness. Jaden had a horrible cough where he just slept in our bed a coughed all night. We have the breathing machine too called "Sammy the Seal" haha and he's not too fond of it either. Hope things are going better!!

Ben and Britt Stanly said...

I hope the kids are feeling better!! Sick babies are never fun so two must be really hard! Your such an awesome Mom though that I'm sure they are getting tons of love and will feel better in no time