Thursday, June 7, 2012

two little monkeys

This post is all about our kiddos. Because
1)I just love them to bits!
2)Its all I have to write about. today...

*She will be 4 months old in 10 days and already wears some 6 month size clothes. What a chunker!
*She talks and gurgles SO MUCH. And laughs. She thinks its hilarious when we bounce her on our knees and sing "Wheels On The Bus". She also likes it when mommy raps to her, though I'm terrible at rapping.
*She sleeps through the night now, waking up at 7ish for a bottle then sleeps in the bed with me for another hour or two. I love snuggling with her in the morning.
*Every morning Talmage climbs into bed with us, and the two of them poke each other and laugh. It is probably my favorite time of the day!
*She has come to really love bath time. She doesn't say or do much in the water...just smiles to herself.
*She will sleep pretty much anywhere as long as she's swaddled.
*She has a fascination for toys, pulling at them, shaking them, and holding them close to her face. I love that I can lay her on her tummy with a bunch of toys- she just goes to town!
*If she can't see me, she goes into panic mode and cries until her face is purple. It's kinda frustrating that I can't leave the room without toting her along. Sometimes I'll sing or talk to her as I become out of her seeing range- this works about half of the time.  I hope this won't turn into sever separation anxiety when she gets older.

And Talmage? Well he is just up and down. We either have glorious or terrible days with him. He loves spreading his books all over the place and looking at each one for .2 seconds, watching Blue's Clues and movies about dogs/puppies, and rolling his cars & trains around the floor....and coffee table...and our bed...and pretty much everywhere :)

He repeats every single thing we say. I made the mistake of saying "No, let's not watch's a dumb show." He walked around saying "no- dumb show. dumb show. dumb show. its dumb! dumb dumb dumb!" And that is just one example.
NO is his favorite word right now. It's always "No nap!" "No lunch!" "No vege-buls!" "No carseat!" He just likes saying no. I ignore it most of the time, because after a while he gets distracted with something. He ends up sleeping for 3 hours, eating all of his food, and enjoying the car ride anyway. Silly boy :P

He also loves to sing! He sings songs all the time and I love hearing them. My favorite is the ABC song..."ele-mela-P!" haha.  
His favorite is Monkeys Jumping On The Bed. He turns into a ball a giggles when we sing that one.

He's super cuddly, too. Especially with me. He's totally a momma's boy and I LOVE it. He gives me kisses whenever I want and squeezes my neck with his chubby little arms. It is the best ever. I love my sweet boy :)

and that is it for now. It's time for my ME time since they are both asleep. Which basically means some lunch, possibly a shower, and period dramas on Netflix :D

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