Monday, June 18, 2012

gone pickin

The weekend was awesome, yall. I loved every minute of it (okay...slight exaggeration...didn't love wiping snot constantly from two little noses)...but mostly it was lots of fun :)

On Friday morning we headed out into the beautiful Oregon countryside to pick fresh strawberries. I didn't have my camera out there in the fields so let me just create a mental picture...
J:"Okay, you pick through that row and I'll do this one."
me: "um...but those other rows have lots of strawberries...can I pick those?"
J: "I think we should stick to these rows because the lady directed us over here."
me: "Ok..." (as I go over 3 or 4 rows to pick those plump little beauties)
Talmage is standing quietly next to me as he watches fellow pickers with wide eyes.
Charlotte is happily sitting in her car seat in between rows, shaded and cute as a button.

a few minutes later...
Talmage, suddenly realizing he is surrounded by food: "Oooo....berries...oh yes! MMMmmmm (as he eats one) mmmmm (as he squishes one) mmmm (as he smears one across his shirt) haaaaaa ha ha ha (as he stomps on one) hey! more berries!" He runs across the rows, crashing through perfect strawberry vines. People start to stare. I run after him.
me: "NO! Talmage! Get back here! Don't do that!"

and on it went...we had good and somewhat stressful moments. By the end of it, Talmage was covered in strawberry juice from head to toe (literally). Charlotte was perfect the whole time- she loves being outside.

We picked for an hour and a half and got a total of 10 lbs for $10. I also bought some enormous chocolate chip cookies. It was so worth it. I don't think I would have minded if we paid twice that- the experience of going out and picking it ourselves was priceless, despite the mess/stress/anxiety.

Our bounty: we cut these babies up, bagged em, & stuck them in the freezer.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at home-cleaning, resting, and cooking. We had lemon pepper salmon with veggies and fries for dinner and it was DELICIOUS.

Saturday was crazy. In the morning we went to the local Farmer's Market. There was a live band and LOTS of booths to look at. I felt like I was at the Fair. (I still don't get why people pay for hot fried food in the hot frying sun). We got raspberries and homemade bread, ate lunch in the shade and sipped on lemonade. It was a fabulous time. Oh, and I fed my very first parking meter :)

Afterwards we headed to TRADER JOE'S! It was my first time going, which is a big deal to me because I've always wanted to go. It's just a grocery store really...with lots of organic and yummy stuff. I'm not a super huge health buff but I do like quality foods. I was so happy to bring home two bags full of Trader Joe goodies.

Then we headed home and everyone napped but me. I wanted to nap but there was stuff to get done. *sigh*

We wanted to go to the beach but Talmage is still sick and now has an ear infection too. So instead, Jonathan took Talmage to the pool that night to swim while I cooked dinner. It was a good way to end the day.

Sunday- Father's Day! I told J I wouldn't be crafty this year but I just couldn't help myself. oops. 

I ordered him something online too (manly, not cutesy) but it didn't arrive yet, so this is what he got. Ah well. 

It says "A Father is a daughter's first love and a son's first hero. and me? well, I just love you to pieces." (hence the many flavors of PIECES candy) yup, I'm a cheeseball.
Shirt & tie card. This was so much fun to make!

These kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful dad. He not only makes a good father but he is just a really good person, one that I look up to and respect very much. He is the best of both worlds- a strong, silent type of guy with a tremendously childish goofy side, too. Some people think we were crazy for falling in love so fast and getting engaged after two weeks of knowing one another. I tell those people to look at us now. And look at him, is he not the most incredible husband and father? To me, he's that and more.

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The Garlands said...

looks like you're having a blast together. Miss seeing you. Hoping to see you when we come to visit in August!