Monday, March 21, 2011

good news

You know how sometimes in Relief Society someone announces it is "good news minute" and who would like to share theirs? Well I never raise my hand because either I think my good news only qualifies as such to myself, or I'm worried people will think I'm bragging. But on my blog I don't really care what people will think...haha. So, here are my "good news moments" for the week.

1. Finally it has arrived! These babies are on back order from Phil & Teds, but on AMAZON (a godsend for sure) there are about 8 of them from various retailers in the U.S. I snagged one up in a jiffy and it delivered super fast! Talmage is happy, too :)

He especially loves to make messes in his lobster. Especially if those messes include chocolate-chip pancakes!

2. After 19 months of being up to our necks in debt we are finally debt-free! This is mainly due to our tax returns :) We are going to more closely manage how we use our credit cards from now on, and as for now they are tucked away in a secret place where we won't be tempted to use them! We will probably only use them for medical emergencies now, since I don't have Health Insurance and Jonathan's isn't the best. It truly feels like a weight has been lifted! I don't even care that we can't afford some of the luxuries I wish we had because at least we don't owe anyone money!

3. Talmage is almost one year old and for some reason this makes me very excited. I will be able to say that I have a TODDLER instead of a baby. weird. but exciting!

4. Remember when I said that I have lost 10 lbs. since starting my workout? :) strangely my mom has ALSO lost 10 lbs. while training for her last marathon, and even MORE strange is that now we weigh the same! This is good news to me simply because it is cool. ha ha.

5. Jonathan got a job for the summer! He will return to work for the Forest Service as he did last summer, with a possibility of higher pay and more time on the river. We were so relieved when they called to tell him. For a while it was up in air because they weren't sure they would have the funding for a seasonal hire, but they promised if they did they would offer the position to him. We weren't completely hopeful that they meant it, but sure enough they must have seen something in Jonathan last summer that they liked! I am so proud of his good work ethic-without it our family would not be this blessed :)

Anyone else have some good news?

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Forever, Foralways, No Matter What said...

Yay for being debt free and a good job! Isn't it great?
I cant believe all the babes will be one soon-where has the time gone?