Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Tight Wad Crafts": garden mirror

I found this plastic wicker mirror at D.I. for $5. It was cream-colored, really dirty, and in dire need of some tlc. Still at first glance I thought it was quite pretty!
First I took out the glass part and cleaned the wicker with a damp rag. It was a little time-consuming but well worth it! Then I cleaned the glass with some spray. good as new :)
Jonathan spray painted (he always does this part, I hate spray painting because of the smell) the rim a metallic caramel color.
I really loved this color for the mirror. It goes well with our decor and looks great at the end of the tiny hallway that is the only hallway in our apartment.
It even shimmers a little!

love it!

On another note, a friend told me about this home decor store a few streets down called Real Deals. It's only open Thursdays and Saturdays during select hours of the day, so I went on Thursday and was blown away! It is the most awesome hole-in-the-wall decor outlet ever. I dragged Jonathan in there with me today and he bought me a wall clock as an early birthday present. Our kitchen is sort of french themed, so it fits perfectly.

I just can't believe that this store has existed so close to us for all this time and I've never been in it until this week! I will be visiting frequently from now on :D


Joe and Bree said...

I can't believe you never knew about Real Deals! That is one of my favorite stores and the place where we got the clock in our living room! BTW we NEED to hang out this week...I'm bored and miss spending time with friends!
P.S. Great job with the mirror! I love how crafty you are!

Ben & Britt said...

Where is this amazing shop?! I want to go, that clock is adorable!

And way to go on that mirror! It looks great

Markie and Tristan said...

Beautiful Lindsey! Love the clock and awesome job on the mirror. I love seeing before and afters. I'm way impressed.

Kevin and Emily said...

You MUST take me with you!!!!! I need to check this place out!

The Garlands said...

so cute :) love, love, love it. i knew you were going to be doing something with that white wicker mirror. ;)

Forever, Foralways, No Matter What said...

I cant believe you've never been there! It is amazing. I always had to think twice...or three times because I could buy the whole store :-)
The mirror looks great!

Haylee and JC said...

I so miss Real Deals.. I got in trouble at that store every time I went! Glad you found it. And I love the mirror you found at DI!! love that place too!