Thursday, March 3, 2011

my addiction

can you tell?

I want to put these on a long necklace.
I made this one with satin ribbon. much harder to keep together. (don't look at any of these too'll see all the hot glue spots :)

If only spring would come already and I could get out of this cave of an apartment :)
On my list of things to do when its warmer:
1. Take stroller (and baby of course) to park.
2. Push Talmage in the baby swing.
3. Visit Snoasis. frequently.
4. Use the tent shade for...something?

ps- this is the tent shade. its like one half of a tent. We are pretty excited to use it somewhere sometime for something.


The Garlands said...

so i'll be more then willing to accompany you to the park :) you could go to rigby lake to use the tent shade. or we can do some exploring where the boys can do some fishing :) I love spring & summer too!!!

Joe and Bree said...

I wanna go to the park with you guys too! :)

Julia Gulia said...

Lindsey, I was blog-stalking and found your blog. Your blog in one word: Inspiring. Can I just shadow you for a day? You are AWESOME!!! :)