Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On a separate note...

I know I've been blogging a lot about crafts lately, so I'm gonna mix it up a little. Today I want to share with you this book:

Because I know my blog audience is all married, I feel it most appropriate to share my feelings on this awesome book. Right now I'm borrowing it from a friend, and its truly opened my eyes. It is written by a priest and his wife, and its about sex relations/intimacy with your spouse. It is very informative and thorough. I believe all married couples could benefit from it in some way, and I've known bishops to recommend it to some engaged couples as well (I think they have to be at the right level of maturity though...) If you live here in Rexburg you can pick it up from the Deseret Bookstore for $8. So give it a whirl :)

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Layla said...

Our therapist had Brock and I read this before we got married.

Woo you are talking about sex on your blog...daring. Your mom might blush.