Thursday, March 10, 2011

right on the mark!

When I first read from my pregnancy book that it takes one year- on average- for a mom to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, I was mortified. A whole year seems like a LONG time. I only gained 25 lbs while I was pregnant, and while breastfeeding I lost a lot of that, but there was still about 10 lbs. still left on my post-partum self. Well, I am pleased to say that FINALLY- after a year!!- I am normal again! Maybe normal is not the right word...I still have baby flub on my stomach and stretch marks from here to there, but my weight is what it was before I got pregnant :) this makes me so happy!

This is me shortly after having a baby.

me today.

I should mention that my "normal" weight is not my "ideal" weight, but at least I made it to this point. Now I can focus on losing another 5-10 lbs to achieve that ideal number. :)

I don't know if it was just time that did it or if my workout helped any, but either way I hope I can keep the extra weight off until our next baby (which is no time soon). This is the workout routine I'm on, and I'm at week 5 of 6. It breaks up into a series of 3 workouts, one for every 2 weeks. They each get harder than the last. I can hardly keep up with the last of the 3, but I'm trying to go at my own pace and not overdo it.

As far as eating habits go...I am a little ashamed. haha...I eat way too much junk. I have tried to stop but I've barely managed just cutting back. I just LOVE ice-cream and cheesy rice cakes and cream cheese and cheesecake and....I just realized most of those are cheese-based...and anyway the point is those kinds of foods are my stress-relief. When I've had a tough day with Talmage they get me through it! so I guess there's not much else to say about that.

Even if I don't keep this weight off, it was all worth it. Stretch marks and all!

***as a side note, Jonathan is on phase 2 on P90x and his results thus far are incredible! He has toned up, lost most of his pudge, and changed his diet completely. He is my inspiration :) way to go sweetie- keep it up!

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Nate and Joelle said...

Woohoo, that is very exciting!! Baby weight is the worst to loose in my opinion. You look great!