Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have just recently gotten into the MADNESS that is couponing, and let me tell you it is NOT as easy as it looks. But when done right, it truly pays off! I'm still not very good at it and still end up spending more money than anticipated but each time I get a little more thrifty :)

This last week a good friend from the ward who is a coupon queen helped me out a bit and helped me understand what I was doing. A few days later I put her advice to use and well, I won't say how much I spent but I CAN say that every single thing was either free or a REALLY good discounted price being on sale combined with my coupons. I was so thrilled!

One thing I've learned about using coupons is that you should never buy stuff just buy it at a good price, so I only get those things that I know we'll have need of. It's been very rewarding to have the luxury of just grabbing an extra something off our shelf at home when we need it but don't have the time or energy to go to the store.

Over the course of being married, case lot sales, all other kinds of sales, and couponing our little family of 3 has acquired LOTS of stuff...and then about 6 months back Jonathan and I made the goal to build up a solid food storage. We've been shoving things in the crevices here and there, and I got to the point today where I didn't want to look at another box of cereal stuffed in between other boxes of who-knows-what. So we got this awesome storage shelf at Home Depot and it has made me sooooooo happy. I could just stare at it all day.

How wonderful to have everything in one spot and all organized! Who cares that I have to sleep next to canned vegetables? NOT ME! haha...actually, I really envy a garage :)

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Layla said...

I've tried to master this coupon craze and I just don't have time for it. I made a commitment to do it right before I found out that I was called to be a seminary teacher and well seminary sucked all my time. I even got a newspaper subscription for the dumb coupons that I never used! One day I will master it. Good job!