Thursday, July 28, 2011

louisiana visit & yet another nursery re-do

This last week Talmage and I flew to Louisiana to see Mimi, Poppy, and my little sis Dana. It was great fun, so worth the hardships of traveling with a toddler, and HOT. I am okay with heat but the humidity was unbearable. I have lived in the northwest for so long that humid air feels so weird to me now...kinda sad :(

I really should have taken more pictures...I think I have like 8? oops.

During the week we:
*played at the neighborhood pool and sprinklers
*ate Cane's chicken
*had LOTS of Blue Bell ice-cream (just me)
*went to the eye doctor and got some stylin new glasses (just me...)
*saw old friends and ward members
*took lots of naps (both of us)
*shopped at Target, New York & Co., Ulta, Accessory City, and KROGER :)

It was a pretty relaxed was just nice being with the family. I'm so glad we took the trip and thankful that my husband took care of things at home while I was gone.
Before driving back to Idaho, the three of us stayed with my grandma and grandpa in Sandy, UT for a night. My best friend miss Sarah Robison came over and it was lovely visiting with her! The next morning Jonathan and I made our usual trip to Ikea (just us...Talmage stayed to nap!) and found a dresser for Talmage that was marked way down. It was such a steal!

Because the dresser was so big, we had to rearrange all his furniture once again. I feared the room would look so crammed and tiny, but actually it looks more spacious with the new arrangement!

Grandma Heiss cross-stitched this for Talmage, and I love it! It really ties the whole room together.

We love Ikea. A lot. Since it is not expensive you pay for the quality you get, but its great for practical purposes (and decorative!). They have this awesome home organization department and a month ago we picked up these plastic storage bins for dirt cheap. This last time, we bought lids for them all so that we could stack them! They are mostly empty for now, but that's not a problem. Someday when I have a Silhouette, I'm gonna label them! yay!

And since I could move his clothes to the dresser, I was able to put ALL the diapers under the changing station. I didn't realize just how many diapers we were hoarding...

This is already too long of a post...(sorry). But I will just say that I am happy to be home in Idaho with my sweetheart again. Now to work off those calories...

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