Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Bag

It's no secret that Sundays are a challenge to get through with a toddler. We're still in that weird phase where he's too big to sit in my lap and be happy but 3 months too young to be in Nursery. I've talked with my mom about it countless times...and she gave me the idea to have a bag just for Sunday, full of fun things that Talmage ONLY gets to see at church. I thought it was a genius idea, cause I always just bring my diaper bag with the same books, toys, and snacks. Maybe some change would get him interested and occupied! a side note, the whole reason for this post is to inspire other mommas out there who struggle with the same issue (I can think of one or two! hint hint Nicole, Mimi and and Ashleigh!) If just one idea is helpful then its worth posting about, right?.......

And so I dragged this old Mary Kay purse out of the closet. It's perfect for Sundays because its black leather, which matches everything, and it zips at the top so stuff won't fall out. I may switch to a bigger bag though...

And this is what I put in it! (all of these are new things, never before seen by Talmage eyes! It was a little costly, not too much, but well worth it)

two "I-spy" bags. These are easy to make and great for curious little tots. I used this tutorial.

A few books about Jesus, one with beautiful Greg Olsen paintings and the other a soft book with interactive flaps and things. (from Deseret Book)

This was the biggest hit. It's a magnetic board of Noah's Ark with tons of animal magnets! I think I'm going to have to get some more of these...(also at Deseret Book, only 10 bucks!)

CARS notebook and crayons. He has yet to understand what to do with a crayon, but he's slowly catching on. For now he just loves holding his notebook and making car noises :)

I got this idea from Nicole Tucker. It is a prune container, with a slit cut in the lid for those plastic rings to go in. Talmage will spend at least 20 minutes on this toy, putting the rings in and taking them out over & over. 20 minutes is better than the normal attention span, so I love this thing!

And of course snacks! I threw in some sugary stuff, which I NEVER do but it keeps him quiet in the worst of times. Gotta love the sugar.

And lastly the two things I need..that is, if I get chance to use them. haha.

The bag did not let me down. Thanks mom!

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Judi Judkins said...

I am so impressed Lindsey. You did a great job! I might have great ideas now, but I didn't when I was raising you and your sibs. Congratulations for making a plan and carrying it through!! Love you all.....:)