Sunday, July 17, 2011

glammin it up!

From the time I bought this beauty of a baby stroller one year ago, I had big plans. Money has kept me from fulfilling them all, but slowly and surely it has all come together and now I can finally say I have perfected it! (to my fancy at least)

It may be a little obsessive of me to love my stroller this much...but this is how I figure it. We don't have any overly expensive baby items. Our crib, changing table, car seat, nursery decor, etc. is all pretty medium range quality and price. Not to mention some of the other luxuries in life that have not yet graced us with ownership. So I have let myself be spoiled with an awesome stroller. Is this so bad? I don't think so. I deserve it :)


About a month ago Phil&Teds declared that they were raising their price on their stroller attachments, so I snatched some up before I would have a chance to regret it. One that I've been wanting for some time was the removable fanny pack/drink carrier.

The other was a pair of nifty saddle bags. They are spacious enough to hold all kinds of things and can be removed. We sometimes take them off and attach them to our bikes when we go for a ride (because anyone with a child knows there's always loot to bring along). They also make the stroller look super industrious. I love them!

The cover over the bar is called a Bumpaloop , and the lady that makes them was taking maternity leave and she gave out the last call for custom orders. That's why this one couldn't wait :)
It protects the bar underneath from tears or stains, and attached to the cover are ribbon tags that the baby or kid can play with.

And the most exciting addition is the pram liner by Liana Simpson Designs in Australia. It took three weeks for this to arrive but it was so worth it! This particular one is from last year's summer collection (yes I've wanted it that long) that kind miss Liana reserved for me on her etsy shop. She just came out with a whole new collection which is pretty awesome (I'm thinking another one for the double seat?).

Did I mention that it's reversible?

For all the walking we do, and time spent at the park and other places, I am so glad that we can tote our kiddo in something that is multi-functional, chic, and convenient. I've tried to convince my friends looking for a stroller that this is a great pick, and I really mean it :)


S&R said...

I love reading your blog : ) I just caught up on all the posts and it sounds like you guys are doing amazingly. I also love the stroller! There is a random man in the background of the last picture though...I just realized he was there while typing this. kinda creepy! (though you probably know him as he is in your neighborhood...) I just typed too much to delete it all as what I said is rather unnecessary...haha love you

Mark & Rachel said...

I am so glad I got my Phil & Teds (especially before the prices went up!) I need to get some sort of tray though for David.

The Dennett's said...

HAAAAAHA Sarah that would my creepy husband there in the background playing with our son. LOL.

S&R said...

Oh wow...whoops! hahaha...well, I'm glad it's Jonathan and Talmage then! I couldn't even tell he was holding anything. Total fail for me.