Saturday, July 9, 2011

his kind of fun

There's a lot of things that Talmage thinks are pretty fun, but to top the list is definitely being OUTSIDE.

He loves going to the park, and especially riding the carousel! (I know he doesn't look too enthused but I promise when the camera is off he's bouncing and laughing!)

He also loves to play in his pool! This boy could spend hours in the water...his favorite thing to do in the pool is throw all of his toys out, climb out of the pool to get them, and throw them back. haha. I don't know where he comes up with these things.

Another favorite is climbing! He tries to climb onto EVERYTHING! So we bought him this little camp chair and he loves to climb up into it, put his milk in the sippy holder, and read a good book :)

And after all that play play play this silly boy loves his sleep- which I am SO grateful for. Luckily he sleeps so darn well these days that we hardly get up at night anymore. And he takes awesome naps (most of the time).
The other day I found this vinyl lettering for half price and couldn't pass it up. I've always wanted to do something like this in his room but well...I am a penny pincher to say the least. The vinyl doesn't stick very well so we shall see how long it lasts...

No other saying could be more true! I love my son so much and I love him even more for all the energy and excitement he brings into the day!

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The Garlands said...

That is such a cute saying! if it doesn't last we can always redo it with my silhouette :)