Wednesday, May 2, 2012

family update

Takes his NCTRC Exam in Portland next week, which is a huge deal. It basically qualifies him to own his job title of "Recreation Therapist" and gets him in a lot of doors for employment. And we paid a lot of money for it. So...we're really hoping he passes! In the meantime he spends lots of time studying and doing homework for his internship and online class.

He loves his internship at the State Hospital, and gets to do fun stuff like basketball, yoga, and general fitness classes during work hours with the patients. And his supervisor lets him study on the clock, too! And he gets free lunch. Lucky sucker :p

And I love that he only works 4 days out of the week. We have 3 day weekends every weekend!


This boy has SO MUCH ENERGY these days. I think he gets stir-crazy, because every day he finds a new way to drive me nuts. He's already ripped Charlotte's mobile to pieces (I'm in the process of making another one), torn many pages out of his books, peeled the labeling stickers off his toy buckets, ransacked the clean diapers on numerous occasions, pulled out each baby wipe from its case, stood in the shower and turned it on after getting dressed, kicked off a brand new shoe in the mall and lost it, woken up his sister and jumped on/sat on/hit/squeezed her, given himself a peanut butter/honey/cheese/spaghetti sauce/mashed potato bath during lunch, and raided his diaper genie. I am practicing patience. It's still a work in progress.

On the up side, he LOVES the nursery at church. There are lots of kids in our new ward. On Sunday J and I actually subbed for the senior Primary class. I won't go into the details of that, but if they end up calling us as Primary teachers it will be INTERESTING to say the least :)


*holds a rattle and shakes it.
*has been able to roll from tummy to back for the last few weeks now. I was astounded at how fast she learned took our chubby Talmage an eternity to roll.
*loves it when we goggle at her, hates it when we divert our attention elsewhere.
*wears 0-3 and 3 month size clothes.
*still eats every 2-3 hours. my boobs are suffering. 
*is able to sleep through the night, but choose to wake up 1-2 times to eat.
*sleeps in her pack and play at night and occasionally in our bed when I'm really tired
*opens her eyes wide for the camera.
*takes 3-4 long naps during the day.
*takes a lot of interest in her brother, especially when he plays with his toys or dances.
*turns her head to the t.v. when its on...uh-oh...
*should be a model for Carter's baby clothes :]

And me...well there's not much to life consists of housekeeping of child rearing :] I know it sounds typical, but it is the most interesting, unpredictable, and rewarding job I've ever had!

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Josh and Sarah Robison said...

I just caught up on your blog and love hearing how you guys are doing : ) I'm glad you had a spectacular birthday and that you ate cheesecake! The best of all birthday cakes. I love you!