Thursday, May 31, 2012

being naked

I wake up to the best little faces.

Oh how I love them! They totally crack me up!

They don't mind being naked at all. I wish I felt the same way...

I'll admit that I feel super fat these days...I can hardly zip up my pants over the baby belly flab. My priorities are my children and so I don't take a lot of time on improving my body image, but its something that I want to work on. I want to accept myself as I am, stretch marks and all. If I know that I'm being proactive, whether the weight stays or goes, that would be enough. As long as I'm doing something and not just sitting around...which, believe me, I love to do.

So that thing I was going to try? Well, it WAS going to be jogging. Yeah...I hate to jog/run and I think I always will. My overall goal is to lose weight and I am trying out a few things. Some of those being to drink 80 oz. of water a day, allowed ONE thing with sugar each day, and no eating after 9 pm. They are small goals because I need to start small...I can't become a super workout diva overnight. Something else I'm trying is 50 reps of crunches before bed along with 20 reps of weights with my arms. I also try to do yoga when I find a free front of the tv, in the shower, during nap times, standing in the kitchen...last night I took a bubble bath, balanced a cup of water on my head and said "Om"s. It felt great, I'm not even kidding.

Today I did wii zumba, and it kicked my trash. But it felt good to move my body and sweat, even if I did look like a total idiot (I won't even let Jonathan watch me).

The one thing that really helps me, though, is looking through pictures. I have my high school senior pic on my fridge to serve as motivation, but the pictures that really lift up my spirits are the ones of me being pregnant with Charlotte and holding her in the hospital right after she was born. It reminds me that it was so worth it, and helps me to appreciate my body for what it was capable of doing- bringing two beautiful spirits into this world. I may never look the same again, but I am a better person because of it.


Photographs n Memories said...

Girl. I am right with you... granted i am pregnant right now.. but i am just hoping i can loose the baby weight (doesn't help my sister is getting married a month after having baby boy. I am not planning on being SKINNY by any means in those pictures. But you should SEE the back of my legs with this pregnancy...spider veins and varicose veins like crazy... i look like a grandma..I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. i HATE them so much, but remember that I have a little boy on the way that cause all the love marks along the back of my legs :) And brooklynn caused all the love marks on across my belly (stretch marks). Love your post. Helps me look at my "love marks" a little more positive.

The Garlands said...

I too am there with you. Tim and I are both going to do a diet together starting next month when we have a little money to go get the food we need for it. We both miss what we use to look like and I want to be better looking for Tim, I know he loves me for who I am but I sure do miss my body I had back in high school. Even though it's forever changed from having Kenneth. :)