Saturday, May 19, 2012

weekend crafts!

Some people party it up on the weekends. I, however, use my free time to make crafts. With Jonathan home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I can get oh so much done.

Actually, the truth is that I hardly craft at all these days. There's just too many other things to do. But there were some little projects that I wanted to get done, so I made time in between naps :]

butterfly mobile & "memorial"
Remember that darling butterfly mobile that I made for Charlotte? Well, our little "destructo" as we like to call him tore it to many tiny pieces.  It was un-fixable, so after holding a severe grudge for about a week I decided to make new and BETTER one. With the first one, I just used scraps of paper that I already had. So the one advantage of a re-do was being able to pick out new paper!

 I hung it really high where Talmage couldn't reach. Unless he grows a foot overnight I think it's safe!

 I made the new mobile weeks ago, but this weekend I finally got around to the "butterfly memorial" honoring those dear paper butterflies that survived from the mobile #1. I know, I it sentimental or whatever, but I just couldn't throw them away :/

good behavior chart
Oh the power of positive reinforcement. I learned about it in my childhood development classes, but never imagined it could make so much of a difference. Talmage has caught on real quick how to get rewarded with stickers...hope it lasts!
When the chart is completely full (10 stickers for each row) he'll get something extra cool :]

glass bead earrings
I fell in love when I saw these aqua beads and had to go home right away to make jewelery with them :]
and of course some new bows for this little cutie.

Happy crafting, everyone!


The Garlands said...

Glad to see you're able to craft some. I so need to get back to doing it. Hoping to do so once I get back home. :)

PS all the projects are adorable!

Ben & Britt said...

These are look so great! And Charlotte has such a cute room it totally reminds me of something you would see in pottery barn kids