Monday, May 28, 2012

there and back again

This weekend we drove to Idaho to spend the weekend with Jonathan's family. It was a looooong drive with the two little ones but with the help of our car dvd player and lots of warm bottles they stayed relatively happy :)

My favorite thing all weekend was going on a DATE with hubby. His family watched our kids and we knew they were in good hands, so we just relaxed and took the time to focus on each other. We haven't been on a date since the middle of my pregnancy with Charlotte. It was SO NICE! I love feeling like I used to when we were dating- getting all giddy when he opens my door and being able to hold his hand the entire time without letting go. I love him :]

We saw The Avengers movie and then went out to all-you-can-eat sushi place that was *really* good. Sushi is both our favorite thing to eat and it did not disappoint. We were stuffed full of raw fish when we left and to be honest I think I ate too much...but it felt good to eat so much sushi in one sitting! I usually leave sushi places feeling like I didn't get enough, mainly because we're too poor to buy lots of it.... 

In front of IOU Sushi

There were so many rolls to choose from!

Talmage had a wonderful time soaking up attention from "Gamaw", "Papa", and auntie "Sessa". He enjoyed spending time with the regular farm animals and some of the new additions, too ;]

Hugging Lola, the new goat in town

Unfortunately our son is very sly about sneaking off. On different occasions we found the back door open and that boy in the chicken's pen, on the edge of the koi pond, and playing near the road. Yep. I nearly had a heart attack about 8 times in the last 4 days. It feels good to shut him in his room and deadbolt the front door now that we are home...

These are just some random pics of the rest of our trip.
Both of us asleep

I love her "blase" face , and yes- I do munch on those delicious cheeks :D

Auntie Cressa, or "Sessa" She graduated high school this weekend!

Dressed up for Sunday
On the drive back we just HAD to pull over at the outlet mall and give Charlotte a bottle....I mean, she was hungry...and Woodburn was the nearest exit...oh, and it was also the last day of the Memorial Day sales (we found this out upon entering the stores). All I gotta say is I scored BIG! I LOVE CARTER'S! I'm also really starting to like Columbia clothing... Jonathan is turning me into a outdoorsy chick...finally...

I am looking forward to being home this week, taking it easy, cooking homemade meals, doing lots of laundry, hanging out by the pool with my two adorable children and soaking in the summer warmth :)

I may even start something new, but I can't talk about that one yet...

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