Sunday, May 13, 2012

weekend of champions

What a busy and happy weekend!

Friday Jonathan took THE test. The BIG one. He took off early in the morning, drove to Portland, and was back by 10:30! And....HE PASSED! Woohoo :) big relief for all of us. I am so glad that his studying paid off- he's my hero!
For the rest of the day, Jonathan was downtown for a TR Conference and I stayed at home enjoying the kiddos.

Saturday was hubby's 25th birthday! It was probably the most gorgeous day we've seen since we've been here, so we took a trip to Silver Falls State Park- just half an hour away. The falls are in a rainforest, and to see all of them you hike like 8 miles up and down fairly steep trails. So....we just saw one, but I think it was one of the bigger ones.
The best part was walking behind the waterfall. It was really stunning...and very wet :]
Jonathan on the bridge with Talmage
Me, & Charlotte in the stroller 

South Falls

Getting there and back was quite a hike...let's just say my legs were feeling it later that day...I haven't done so much physical activity since being pregnant one year ago! Pushing the stroller was the hardest part but once again it did not disappoint on the bumpy trails :)

After our hike, we had a picnic lunch on the water's edge and let Talmage frolick around.

 Charlotte and I just watched and soaked up the sun rays.

That night we celebrated Jonathan's birthday dinner at Roadhouse Grill (I haven't eaten there since I lived in Louisiana-it's been too long!)

Our silly little miss likes to pull up her dress and chew on it. She does it every time I put her in a dress. She must like to show off her bellybutton!

There was a balloon guy there making balloons for the kids. Talmage got a balloon Elmo and birthday boy got ram horns. HA HA.

 We ended the night with "tubbys" for the kids, some hearty chocolate cake, and our own rendition of the birthday song.

Sunday- today- is Mother's Day. I feel very thankful for all the good women in my life that exemplify the qualities of a mother. I am also grateful for what motherhood has taught me, and what I have to look forward to! More smiles like these I hope ;]

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Layla said...

Happy birthday Jonathan! I've always wanted to go to Silver Falls State Park, it looks beautiful!

Also, Happy Mother's Day!