Wednesday, May 23, 2012

meet Ookie

When Talmage was just a few months old we got him "Spot" the giraffe, and to this day he takes it EVERYWHERE. He needs it to go to sleep, and rubs it against his face when he's upset. Sometimes he sucks on the tail strings to calm himself down. We eventually got a second Spot so that he wouldn't have a panic attack when we had to wash it. It seriously has saved us so much grief from his tantrums-I don't know what we would do without Spot! 

We got a "lovey" for Charlotte about a week ago. Its a monkey that plays music when you pull its tail. She LOVES it!! This kinda surprised me; it took Talmage a few months to get really attached to his Spot. But Charlotte has a new best friend and its name is Ookie. We let Talmage name it...I think in his head he meant to "monkey" or "oo-oo" but what came out was Ookie. We thought it was cute and it just stuck!

Now, when C cries, T winds up Ookie and hands it to her. It is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
Sometimes he pulls an Indiana Jones and switches Ookie with Spot when she's asleep...but always switches them back after a few minutes. Heaven forbid he go too long without his beloved giraffe!

She holds it tight to her little body and goes right to sleep each time. This may come in handy as we transition her to sleeping on her own and NOT in our bed...

Welcome to the family, Ookie! ha ha...

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Shae said... sweet! I wish that Kayson's "lovey" was anything besides my breast. It's THE quickest way to calm him down! hahaha!