Thursday, January 2, 2014

a new year

Ah, New Year's. We meet again.

I have never in my whole life gotten excited for this holiday. To me, it's just the last one or two digits in the year that change- nothing else. New Year's resolutions have even less of an impact on me...I simply don't stick to something because I said I would due to another year beginning. It is not motivation enough. This is my opinion and it will probably never change. Maybe someday down the road I will stay up till midnight ON PURPOSE just to watch the ball drop or kiss my husband or party until the clock strikes midnight, but for now I remain- a bit ashamedly- un-enthused. sigh...

However, there is one thing I love about a new year. And that is FRESHNESS. I suddenly feel like cleaning everything, sorting through my junk drawers, having different decor for our home, and buying different shampoo. It just feels like the perfect time to start fresh. Forget spring cleaning, January is totally my month to begin anew. I always get sad to put the Christmas stuff away (who doesn't?),but having spent the last monht putting more focus than ever on the birth of the Savior rejuvenates my soul. Christmas brings such comfort and warmth, and when the new year hits all those good feelings remain in my heart like the smell of warm cake out of the oven.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that I pulled a warm cake out of the oven 10 minutes ago.
It just felt fitting.

Growing up, my family never had any New Year's traditions. It was always "Are we staying up till midnight tonight?" followed by, "Well, maybe...we can play a few games and see how tired we are after that." Very low key. Not that exciting. And I've never cared enough to start my own traditions. But then last night, I realized that we did have one. Every year that Jonathan and I have been married, we cuddle into bed on New Years Eve at the usual time (sometimes later, depending on the kids), and stay up talking until we realize that it's ten minutes or so until midnight. We kinda chuckle at the fact that we made it to midnight without really meaning to, and then fall asleep right before the clock strikes 12. It's small, I know. But it always happens just like that. And for me, there is no better way to ring in the new year than by falling asleep in the arms of the man that I love. I become more of the person I want to be every year not because of resolutions, but because of him. He makes me better. He makes me calmer, more patient, more conservative, more empathetic, more kind.

And so, for the first time ever, I made a "resolution" this year. And that is to give my husband- the man I love more than life- the attention and credit that he deserves. To respect and sustain his priesthood authority in our home and family. To help him with the diaper-changing and dishes even if it is his turn. To love him more softly through our trials. And this is a big one- to say thank you to him every day. I don't say it enough but I should. I've realized that among the stresses of life that I've neglected him a bit, and I can do better.

So, Happy New Year friends :) Let's hope this year is filled with even more love and understanding for the ones we love.

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